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Bullying: Words Hurt

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Who hurt you that bad that you feel the need to destroy other people around you?

Bullying is wrong. How can you bully someone to the point they have no reason to want to live? There are many types of bullying, verbal, social and physical. For example, getting on social media and talking about someone, (rumors, personal info, etc) and another example of bullying is verbal, such as teasing, spreading rumors, threatening remarks and/or trying to embarrass other people. Most people don’t realize how serious bullying is until they are being bullied themselves. A lot of bullying happens because some children are less fortunate than others, they may not have the name brand clothing, or the nice fresh pair of sneakers or the newest electronic device but in my personal opinion it doesn’t matter what someone is wearing, what shoes they have on, which iPhone they are carrying around or how much their jeans cost.

If you see something, say something. Never be afraid to stand up for what you think is right. If someone you know is dealing with some sort of bullying make that change and stand up for them, if you see a friend or an associate, or someone you don’t know being bullied PLEASE say something to someone you trust. Some people get bullied every single day but never say anything. They keep a smile on their face and keep it moving, but if you are around someone who seems down, please say something! Make conversation. JUST SAY SOMETHING.

See beyond the surface of those around you, everyone is dealing with some sort of demon. Their smile does not mean happiness. Offer help, when we reach out to others it brings meaning and purpose into our lives.

Be the change you want to see in this crazy world.



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Bullying: Words Hurt