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“A Dream to Dream”

A Poem

Chahat Kumari, Contributor

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A dream is a place full of lust and wonder,

but don’t get lost in your slumber

As you snooze, sleep or nap

you become distant in a snap


In a land far, far away,

there was a girl named Dejanay

She was average, petite, and small

but was lost in a world not fun at all


A dream is a place full of lust and wonder

but if you can’t escape it, it becomes as frightful as thunder

She seeks the guidance of her reflection

to give her some dearly needed direction

She asks the great and wise “Relay”

to help her find her way

He said “don’t fret, for I will help

you on this journey out and about”


Dejanay traveled here and there

but could not get anywhere

Dreams are a figure of our imagination,

we are in control of our destination


Dejanay decided enough was enough

so, she got a little more tough

She decided to confront a powerful being,

one who’s teachings are foreseeing


“God” she said, “Help me out!”

To which he replied;

“Child you are a sprout”

“Follow your way back and retrace your steps,

for it is there you will be unrepressed


Dejanay complied and went back

and soon realized her brain was a hack

She could use her power to create a land

at the touch of her mighty hand


She created a door, opened it and saw a lot;

a world full of mysterious bots

“I’ve had enough!” she yelled “I just want to go disappear”

And just like that she awoke in a place far from here


Finally, she was glad of boring, plain reality,

but sometimes dreams appear so real, you change your mentality

A dream is a place full of lust and wonder,

but don’t get lost in your slumber

Chahat Kumari




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“A Dream to Dream”