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Is Fantasy good or bad?

What is fantasy to you?

Asmaa Maqsood, Editor

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Fantasies are thoughts or an imaginary world that is impossible to be real. Fantasy can be wonderful and peaceful but it also can be negative and gloomy. Fantasy is a world where you imagine the things that you want to happen but it can’t come true. Fantasies are made up of hopes, dreams, fears, and plans for the future. Fantasizing is actually good for you. Usually people fantasize when reality is hard and painful so they fantasize of a better life. Also, fantasy could help you gain insight about yourself. Each thought you have gives you information of what you like or who you are.

Fantasy can also be unhealthy. Not only does it take you away from the reality, it makes you stay in your bubble. Some people get so lost in their fantasy that they can’t focus nor accept their reality. They would ignore everything that is going around them and deny what is going around them that could be leave a positive and negative impact.

If you fantasize you should be cautious. Sometimes you can act out what you are fantasizing. You would have to balance your reality and fantasy. Fantasy is very necessary to having a full life, yet there has to be a limit. Without fantasy life would be boring and dull. But if your flooded with fantasies there is no reality. You need fantasy but there needs to be a certain stop. Fantasy could be wonderful but it can stop you to face reality.

Is Fantasy good or bad?

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Is Fantasy good or bad?