The Elemental Force


Episode 1


Hi, my name is Shimizu Hada.  I am a Japanese American 15 year old who goes to Davison High School in San Francisco, California. I have a huge secret, you ready for this?… I can control water….crazy isn’t it. I know you don’t believe me, so let me explain. I have had this power ever since I was a baby, my parents told me that I was born with this these powers, but I don’t know, something doesn’t seem right. I also have deep blue ocean colored eyes because of my powers. When I was a baby, I moved to California, U.S. from Tokyo, Japan. One of the major times I could control my power was when my annoying 5-year-old little sister Hikari tried to do the ice bucket challenge on me without my permission, even though she did it wrong. But anyway, she ran up to me with a bucket full of ice water as I was sitting down on a chair near my backyard pool, and as she poured it on me, I blocked the water with my hands, only to actually stop the water from pouring out on me.



I was wondering what she was talking about so opened my eyes looked at her, her eyes were huge with amazement, so I looked at the ice bucket she was holding, the water was out of the bucket but frozen in time.

My hands were still up so I moved them to the side and the water followed the motion of my hands. Once I put my hands down, the water fell and splashed on the ground. She surprisingly gave me a big hug and shouted….


She then ran to tell our mom and that was inside the house cooking at the time about what just happen, every time my powers act up with her around, she gets excited and tells mom and dad. They told her that I was born with the powers and they always tell her not to tell anyone and that it is a family secret. Lately, I have been looking up things about the ability to control water and astrology. I also looked up the other three elements. My birthday is July 4 (awesome isn’t it?) and my zodiac is a Cancer, whose element is water. Which makes a lot of sense, but there are millions of cancers in the world, so why can’t they control water liked I can? Sometimes, I honestly wish I was never born with these powers. I never really use them, a lot of times they are unexpectedly used, like the time my sister tried to pour a bucket of water on me.

But one day at Davidson High School, I found out that I wasn’t the only one who controlled one of the four elements, and that there were three others just like me.



Episode 2


I found out about them last year in school during coach class. I tend to be socially awkward and don’t have many friends, just to make that clear. But one day at school, I didn’t understand a particular area in Algebra 1 and decided to stay after to get help. About 10 minutes after the bell rung for dismissal, I walked into Ms. Belowski’s (My algebra 1 teacher) room and I saw not one, but three other students sitting in near each other, two girls and one boy. They were giggling and talking to each other. As I entered the classroom, Ms. Belowski said she was going to go to the teacher’s lounge and would be back in five or ten minutes. As she left out the classroom, I sat down in a chair that was on the other side of the room from the three other students, I stared timidly at them as they were talking, one of the girls, a redhead notice I was staring and stopped talking and stared back at me, the other two looked back at me as well. It felt a little awkward, but I just said “Hello”.

“Hello…”, said the redheaded girl as she looked me up and down in a mug.

“Why are you all the way over there? Come over here with us!”, said the other girl.

“….Uhhh, sure”, I replied.

I quickly got up from my seat and sat over near them, right next to the redheaded girl.

“What is your name?”, said the boy.

“I am Shimizu Hada, and you?”

“I am Beval Hernandez”

“I am Gaia King”, said the other girl.

“……..Robin…Robin Douglas. Some call me Red Robin, but I prefer if you call me red”, Robin said before she looked away.

I was struck by how incredibly beautiful Robin was. She was a girl with big red wavy hair that went down to her back, her eyes were reddish orange, which was an unusual eye color. They were so fiery and you could almost see a furnace as you look into them. She had a Scottish or Irish accent and was pale skinned and had freckles all on her cheeks. She had on a plain, but tight red shirt, light blue skinny jeans and red converses. She had a serious and unwelcoming look on her face. She seemed to be very tomboyish. Next to her was Gaia, a very pretty Black girl with dark green, earthy eyes which were pretty unusual as well, chocolate dark skin, afro-textured hair that was in a high ponytail, and dimples showed as she smiled. She seemed down to earth and very welcoming. She had on a green hoodie, a brown skirt and green leggings with brown ugg boots. Next to Gaia was a handsome Latino boy, he had gray eyes that showed a windy storm, it showed fairness and inventiveness, but also a sense of destruction. He had on a purple polo shirt with dark blue jeans and purple Jordan’s. He had black hair that was down to his shoulder and braces that showed a warm smile.

“It is really nice to meet you Shimizu, are you from here?”, Gaia asked.

“Yes, but I moved here from Tokyo Japan when I was a baby”, I replied.

“Really? Same here, I am a from Mexico, but I moved here when I was a baby, we all moved to this city when we were babies, what a coincidence huh?”, Beval giggled in a calm voice.

“I am from the Virgin Islands”, Gaia said happily.

“…..I’m from Scotland”, Robin said with attitude in her Scottish accent.

“You guys have very usual eye colors, they are really pretty though, well, Beval’s eyes seem pretty normal, gray is a normal eye color. But I can admit, my eye color is pretty weird too”, I said randomly.

“Oh thank you, you do seem to have a unique eye color like us, we have this eye color because-”

Before Gaia could finish, Robin purposely stepped on her foot. Gaia yelled out in pain.

“Robin are you okay?”, Beval asked calmly as he looked at her.

“Gaia…Beval, outside with me….now”

Robin grabbed both of Gaia and Beval’s hand and stormed out of the room. I waited for a few seconds, but for some reason, had the urge to find out what they were talking about. So I got up out of my chair and snuck up to the door and lean up against it to hear what they were talking about. It was weird because I just met these people, so why am I so interested in seeing what they were talking about. But then, I heard Robin say something….


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I wasn’t thinking-”

“If he found out that we can control one of the four elements, he would go around telling everybody, you can’t trust people”, Robin scowled.

“He is probably one of us, did you see his eye color? It’s an ocean blue, its a rare and unusual type of blue. He may be the one that can control water”, Gaia explained.

“Not everyone who has blue eyes can control an element, he has to prove it to us, we have been looking for the person with water power for years now, what makes you think it’s him?”

Beval was just standing there in silence with his arms crossed watching Gaia and Robin argue.

Shimizu was confused and had to sink in exactly what Robin said about them controlling one of the four elements and Gaia wondering if it is him that can control an element too. Then it came to me….

“They can control fire, earth, and air?! They have powers just like me?!”, I thought out loud. I quickly opened the door and yelled…”IT IS TRUE. I AM JUST LIKE YOU!”

Robin, Gaia, and Beval all looked at me in confusion.

“WHERE YOU LISTENING TO OUR CONVERSATION?!”, Robin yelled at Shimizu as she stormed to him. Shimizu quickly backed up, but was pinned against the wall.

“No..I mean yes, but listen-”

Robin grabbed a hold of Shimizu’s shirt and picked him up and said….


“ROBIN STOP!” Gaia shouted at her.

As Shimizu looked into Robin’s eyes, he saw a fire, a fire that was hungry for flesh, destructive, and ready to burn its next victim to ashes.


Robin’s face went from Anger to shock really quick. But before she could say anything, Beval used his powers to blow her away five feet from him. He fell down to the ground. Gaia and Beval ran to Shimizu to help him up. Because of Beval using his air power, papers were all over the floor and desk were all over the place and not organized in a straight line.

Robin groaned in pain. She got up and dusted herself off then looked at Shimizu.

“What do you mean you can control water?”, she asked with attitude, but her head was turned away in guilt.

“Please, let me show you”, Shimizu said before he walking to the classroom sink.

“If you are lying, then I will certainly knock you out, no questions asked”, Robin scowled.

Gaia and Beval giggled at Robin, but she just rolled her eyes at them.

Shimizu turned on the sink and put his hand in the water. He closed his eyes and blew his breath before he started using his powers. The water was moving in the motion of his hands and as he moved his hands away from the sink. The water followed as he twirled, the water swirled around him, wrapping him up but not wetting him.  Robin, Gaia, and Beval looked on in amazement.

“It’s him, he is the one who we have been looking for”, Gaia squealed to Robin.

Robin just looked at her and looked back.

As Shimizu finished, he placed his hands near the sink, he then stretched out his hands so that the water wouldn’t follow the motion with his hands anymore and would go down the drain. He turned off the water bowed sarcastically to Robin and the others. The others were just staring at him in amazement.

“So uhhhh, we might want to clean this mess up before Ms. Belowski comes back”, Shimizu chuckled.

What he said knocked them out of there gazed and started to clean up the mess in the classroom for the next 3 minutes. After they were done, they sat back down at their desk, and a few seconds later, Ms. Belowski came in the room.

“Sorry I took so long kids, I had to print out a whole bunch of papers”, Ms. Belowski said as she walked to her desk holding a bunch of stacked papers.

“Do you need any help Ms. Belowski?”, Beval asked as he got up from his desk.

“Yes, yes, can you put the green papers in that folder?”

“I want to help too,” Gaia said as she got up and ran to the desk.

“Sure thing, just put these pink papers in this folder,” Ms. Belowski said handed her a folder.

Shimizu felt eyes on him and turned around to see Robin staring at him, so he quickly turned around and blushed shyly at the fact that a pretty but violent girl was staring at him.




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